Fun with Google Maps

I was playing around with Google Maps, which is still pretty imcomplete for this area of the world. But you can see some of the things here. Paste these searches to see (you will need to zoom out one level to see anything):

"55.76e 24.09n" - The road up Jabel Hafeet. As you can see, this road is really twisty, like something out of a car commercial.

"55.74e 24.18n" - Al Ain Zoo

"55.77e 24.215n" - The oasis - This is the original oasis that Al Ain grew up around.

"55.754e 24.233n" - Zayed Central Library

"55.601e 24.158n" - Camel Race Track


Anonymous said...
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Emirates Mac said...

Thanks for the post. So Bss is in South Carolina (says so on your blog)? Whereabouts? We just moved to AD from SC...

Brn said...

I should have changed that by now but never noticed it. She was in Greenville staying with family for a couple of months before she and the kids got here last month.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I see you are interested in maps. My husband Gareth Leggett has just had a book published called On-road in the UAE. It contains the most-up-to date satellite map of the whole UAE at the back and routes to interesting places in the UAE all possible on-road. Its available in all the bookshops in Dubai. For people living in Al Ain, I also have books at a discounted price. E-mail me at MichelleP@uaeu.ac.ae
All the best Michelle Picard