Followup to Emirati's Post about Attacks in Sharjah

I just saw this article for Reuters and it made me think about Emirati's post about the reports of attacks in Sharjah. If this device really works, then you wouldn't think that it would take too many women using it to make all of these guys think twice.

And what is up with the idiots in the article that say this is barbaric? It is still too good for them I say.


clayfuture said...

Wow! That's a device out of hell! But hey, if it works and the trend catches on, I guess women living in areas prone to violence might start using this peepee punisher!

I don't know if they would allow such a device in this country!

strangeloops said...

That's a great story - thanks for sharing. The best picture I could find so far is here.

The two best criticisms I've found of this device are:
- The lady might forget to remove it, to her husband's dismay.
- The device might provoke attackers to further violence, especially in a gang-rape situation.

I can think of two more problems:
- The device can be removed, so we're counting on the rapist not knowing about it.
- The device is probably not hymen-safe, which would restrict its usage in this culture.

William said...

I can see some women using it for purposes other than protection, such as revenge.