We went camping in Oman this weekend with a church youth group. We camped next to a beautiful wadi about 40 km east of Buraimi.

The area where we camped was in a valley surrounded by rocky hills on all sides.

Sunrise at the wadi

In the wadi

All the kids had a great time

The kids especially liked gettting wet in the wadi and climbing the hill overlooking it (that is Daisy way up the hill).
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Owen got upset when we made him come down the hill
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Marcus Aurelius said...

See: http://bloggerbeer.blogspot.com/2005/03/last-bit_16.html for another picture of Jebel Hafeet!

I took this from the Intercon. the University put me up there the first week I was in town and this was one of the things I took away from that week.