Camel Farm

A week or so ago, I made a presentation to some Emirati students, and in the course of the presentation, they saw the wallpaper that I was using on my laptop.  It is this one, from our trip to the camel souk:

So they asked about the picture, if it was my son, where was it taken, etc.  Then one of them said that we should come visit their farm.

Now we (ok, actually Bss, I have never gotten such an invitation) have gotten more than a couple of invitation to come visit people that we meet, especially when Bss is out with the kids.  It is always very nice, but a little confusing too, since by our American way of thinking, you need to set up a time to do this.  But if you ask when a good time to visit would be, the answer is always "anytime you want".  As a result, Bss is afraid to call because she doesn't want to impose if it would be a bad time to visit when she calls. 

But since I didn't want to let an opportunity like this get away, I called Thursday, and sure enough we were invited to come right over.  So off we went to Foah, just up the road to Dubai, and spent several hours at the farm.

This is Abdullah, and he got this camel to kneal down so Patrick and then Brychan could get up.  Patrick did not like it at all.  Though if I were his size, being over six feet in the air might be too much for me too.

He would much rather ride this:
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Brychan had much more fun, so they let him ride around for awhile while the camel was led around.
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If I understood correctly, these are the racing camels.  The things on their mouths are to stop them from eating trash from the ground.  I would guess that they are hobbled to stop them from being too active.
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These are two of the three babies that were in a separate area from the others.
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What are you looking at?
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We all had a great time, especially since the family also fed us.  We have been told that we must treat the farm as if it were our own and come back anytime.  And since Daisy wasn't with us, we will have to go back again so that she can see them too.

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nzm said...

Cool pics!

The kids look as if they had great fun.