Giant Lizard Alert

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The lizards are back.  I hadn't seen them since about last August, but now I've seen them a couple of times, including this one that was on the porch yesterday when I got home from work yesterday.


Shahlab said...

This creature is beyond disgusting!
The UAE is plagued by this creature, which as you said, disappears in winter and reappears in summer.
Muslims are rewarded when they kill it; there is a Hadith by the prophet Muhammad.

Can't wait for it to be extinct!

We call it ‘Teetar’ in Arabic btw.


John B. Chilton said...

That's a gecko. They are lovely creatures and harmless. Eats bugs, too.

They offer good deals on insurance, but I do not think they are lizards. But don't rely on me - I'm an economist, not a reptile ... expert.

GMJ said...

yippeee! "teetar" season! love shooting these creepy creatures with my airgun!


hdastoor said...

they are lizards ,geckos are found in vegetation and are green.
Anyway get a cat, they will feast on the geckos.
Also SHAHLAB, i think cats are permitted in Islam.

Brn said...

I actually like having them around, since they eat bugs. Our cats did catch one, but we took it away from them.

bandicoot said...


The report about the lizard in Islamic hadith are contradictory. Apparently the lizard was eaten and it’s clear that it was a subject of disgust or demonizing! There is one report recommending its killing, but it’s not clear why. The following links and quotes can help explain the point:

See the hadiths in section 54.4 on this link, where the Prophet’s message is, “I don not eat them [lizards] and I don not forbid them.”

Check this link, with 3 hadiths (the linked one and 2 more on “next hadith”, number 1128 and 1129):

The same source gives a hadith where killing of geckos seems to be recommended:

There is also this story about a miracle involving a lizard that should logically improve the standing of the lizard; You’d expect that lizards like this one should be celebrated!

“Once a Bedouin came to [Prophet Muhammad]…[The Prophet] asked him; "Do you bear witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and that I am His Messenger?" The Bedouin bluntly answered: "No!" This Bedouin then pointed to a live lizard that he had and said: "I will not accept you until this lizard bears witness that you are the Messenger of Allah." [The Prophet] said: "Give it to me." He then held it in his hands and addressing the lizard asked: "Who am I?" The lizard said: "I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah." Upon hearing this and witnessing this miracle the Bedouin proclaimed the Shahadah and accepted Islam. He then went to his nation and invited them towards Islam.”
The story can be found on:

Finally, Islamic Sufism (like its sister traditions in the East and the West) is full of stories about the love of creatures, small and large. One story I cherish is about the Ottoman Sufi master Bediuzzaman Said Nursi that tells of his disapproval of one of his disciples who killed a lizard, asking him angrily, “Did you create it?”

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a small lizard in my car, i opened the door last week, to go to work, and it was on the stepper and went into my car. After panicking, i took it to the station where it was washed inside out, vaccumed and all....
I assumed that my car now is lizard free, until, i saw it last night, on the dashboard :( it freaked me out, i have a fobia for any kind of crawlers...plz help..i tried to kill it, it went inside the AC , and then i saw it later, in the back , which means it's finding its way in the car, from the front to the back etc...I don't know what to do, but if anyone can help , or suggest an idea ,it would much appreciated..

Traumatised Dubai citizen.

Anonymous said...

A correction for bandicoot's comment: Said Nursi respects sufism but is not a sufi himself.

I am also afraid of lizards but I used to be terribly afraid of them. I think I am getting used to living in their company :-) I am very sad when I kill any of them because they are harmless creatures to the best of my knowledge.