Tomorrow night Bss and the kids are finally arriving, so I was looking forward to this three-day weekend. Then this afternoon the university housing department called me about 2:00 to go see a new villa. It is just a little west of here, and I really liked it, so I agreed to move there.

So they handed me the keys and told me that I have to get out of this place before Sunday, so Bss and the kids are will get to travel all day tomorrow, then help move on Friday.


nzm said...

You are going to be soooo popular!!


elle said...

Good luck with your move. Glad they agreed sooner rather than later to your move. I'm sure the family will be excited about the new house!

Anonymous said...

Are you the one that moving close to Basra Park?

Brn said...

I'm not sure where Basra Park is. Is it that park for ladies and children that this near the Diwan? We are moving into the Sidrah community.