So, this weekend turned out to be just as bad as I was afraid that it would be.

First, Bss and the kids' flight from the US to Gatwick was delayed by two hours, which means that they missed their connecting flight to Dubai.  This means that instead of arriving at 8:00 pm and getting back to Al Ain before midnight, we didn't get back until almost 5:00 am.   As bad as that is, it is even worse when you are moving at 7:30 am.

Then we had a big disagreement with the movers that we hired (they thought we were paying them per trip, we thought that we were paying them a flat rate to move the stuff) that ended up costing us a fair bit of money.  We finally got everything moved by the end of the weekend though., Yesterday I got the power company to close the statement on our old house and transfer everything over to the new one and arranged with Etisalat to move all their stuff as well.

So, you want to see what you get if you make a child travel for 24 hours, then move his house too? 

A really, really tired kid:

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clayfuture said...

Heh! That's cute! Kodak moment? Yes!

clayfuture said...

Oi! You've been tagged! Come to my blog and answer these questions! :)


Al Ain Taxi said...

Ahhh! Kids will sleep anywhere!

tinggu said...

Super. Mine used to do that in church (usually after the service, i admit).