Roundabouts of Al Ain #10

Diwan Roundabout

This is another roundabout/overpass combination, like the Jebel Roundabout, and it is actually on the same road, just one block closer to Abu Dhabi.

I can't say that I completely understand exactly what the Diwan is, because I get different answers from everyone that I ask. It seems to combine some aspects of government offices and a majlis.

This brownish round building is the new Diwan (the older one is right next to it, just out of the picture).

The upper level has two fountains:

And just the other side of the rail from the fountain are step fountains down to the road level.

The old Diwan is the square building to the left of the new Diwan


Al Ain Taxi said...

That's near me! When I get in a cab I say 'Kareeb Diwar Diwan!'

Brn said...

Cool! Then you are not too far from us, we are closest to the old Alqala r/a

candle of hope said...

missed going to al ain..

Jazak ALlah khair for sharing the shots