Roundabouts of Al Ain #4

This is the Jabal Roundabout, one of several combination roundabout/overpasses in Al Ain. At this roundabout, Khalifa Street (the Abu Dhabi road) runs under the roundabout. You can see it in this satellite image. Khalifa Street is the road running left-right.

Jabal is Arabic for mountain (as in Jabal Hafeet), so as you can guess, the roundabout has a mountain theme, with waterfalls as well. This is how it looks from above the overpass:

Here is a close up of the rocky design:

The waterfall:

Once again, lots of beautiful landscaping and flowers. I think that the plant growing from out of the "mountain" is a really nice touch.

This is what it looks like from the other side of this rocky wall (so this is what you see when you drive under the underpass on Khalifa Street):

Then the whole pattern is repeated on the other side of the roundabout. In other words, all these photos have been from the north side of the roundabout, but the same sort of photos could have come from the south side as well.


Desert Dweller said...

I think these roundabout posts of yours are great. With the changes they are making to most of the r/a these probably won't be round for long. Did you by anychance manage to get a photo of the 'fort' roundabout near al alhia (presunic)? I think it's really sad they demolished that as it was such a nice landmark. Now it seems to be the r/a dedicated to the a/c! Anyone notice the 2 a/c units in the middle. I suppose this means there's a secret room underneath.

Al Buxman said...

Buddy, ah jes luvs yer roundabout posts. BTW, the satellite pic of Al Jebel jes ain't showing, but it comes up pretty well on Wkikmapia, where I've marked it, as well as the Adnoc station near it, and Pizza Hut and Choithram's. (Pizza Hut had already been marked by sumwun wid atrocious spellin...ah had ta corrects it.)

My Filipino friend, mentioned earlier, lives just behind the buildings which are opposite Choithram's, pretty damn close to the roundabout featured in this post.

Lookin forward to more.

(P.S.: The roundabouts are great, curious and fascinating. Naming them must also be an art. Eg., "Planning" roundabout--how's that for a name--do you know where this one is? As for the "Deer" roundabout, you know as well as I do they ain't deer...and perched so high up few people actually see them...especially at night, when the lower portion is illuminated, but not the top....)


Al Buxman said...

Sorry, folks...*Wikimapia*...atrocious spellin as usual.

Re: desert dweller: Have you ever taken a walk thru Baladiya Park, which stretches from "the bux" to the University area...there's a huge fountain thingy, now completey dry, under which are hidden air-conditioned rooms. The a/c units are the only things visible, apart from the small windows just above ground to let the light in. I've surmised the watchmen guys live there..."Where do you live Sir?" "Under a fountain in the park...."

Woke said...


al buxman said...

...forgot to mention the 6-foot satellite dishes (probably for Asianet and DD--Doordarshan) also visble atop the fountain. Just in case anyone thought of accusing me of inaccuracy...