Roundabouts of Al Ain #6

This is the Deer Roundabout, which is named the Deer Roundabout even though to me it seems pretty obvious that the two animals at the top are Arabian Oryxes (Oryxs? Oryxi? Anyone know what plural form of Oryx?).

It also has four waterfountains, which are a very common feature here in Al Ain.

Unfortunately, like too many of the fountains and roundabouts, it also has a fair bit of decay.


Desert Dweller said...

Now I think this r/a is in serious need of some beautification. It's falling to pieces!

Brn said...

I agree about the repairs needed, though in fairness, since I complained about them tearing down a roundabout, when for all I know it was in worse shape than this, you could argue I'm complaining no matter what they do. It is also possible that they have a plan in place to fix it and just haven't gotten to this one yet.

The second roundabout in this series had some decay too, but not to this extent.

al buxman said...

Well the upkeep of the roads, pavements, parks and landscaping in general is also of a similar standard, but it's still our clean, green, leafy, peaceful, calm, quiet, gridlock-free city. So Dubai, eat yer heart out. (Do you have rains in summer? 7 times in June, once so far in August? And with hail at that--the last one in June. We did have water coming in thru the gap in the door, though.)