Roundabouts of Al Ain #8

Sheikha Salama Mosque Roundabout

This roundabout is named after the Sheikha Salama Mosque, which was built in honor of Sheikh Zayed's mother. You can see the mosque in the right of the picture below and you can see some more pictures of it in this post from last year.

The roundabout is centered around a spectacular fountain.

One side of the roundabout is taken up with the mosque, the other three sides are covered in fountains.


nzm said...

Beautiful - best one so far!

Brn said...

Thanks! It probably is the most beautiful one in town, but not my favorite, which is coming up today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Greetings! I am Lucky Mae Quilao, a Filipino. I came across your site when I went on looking for roundabouts here in Al Ain. I was just wondering if you know the architects and the engineers who designed and constructed them. If yes, can you please refer me to them? I really would like to have an interview with them. Thank you.


al buxman said...

Hi. Glad to see you've bounced back. I was waiting for you to post on this one, because I really think it's one of the most spectacular (as you put it) and really gives you a good feeling when you're in the area. People should also look it up on Wikimapia, just to see how complex the whole thing is (has anyone marked it yet?).

But you titillate us further saying you've got an even better one coming up. Look forward to it.

Lucky Mae, I think ought to contact the Al Ain Municipality, they should have details of the Architects/Designers.

ahmed said...

This is my favorite RA in Al Ain.

Nice pics of Sheikha Salama Mosque in the link. It is soon to be demolished and replaced by a new one. The temporary mosque is already open.

BTW, any pics of the camels all around the town?? :-)

Brn said...


I agree with buxman, I think that the Al Ain Municipality is your best bet to find the architects.


I am not promising that my favorite is better, just that I like it better. I still think that the this is the most beautiful one in Al Ain.


no, I haven't gotten any pics of the camels yet, probably will try to get some this week. Thanks for the news about the mosque, I hadn't heard that they were going to tear it down. I'll have to get some more photos before they do that.

al buxman said...

At first I thought a portion of the Dubai Camel Caravan had migrated to Al Ain. Then I thought I spotted something odd. What was that on its nose? On closer examination, I found it was its nose. What in the...? What kinda camels are these?

(I'm referring to the ones near the University/Baladiya Park.)

benpiper said...


I,m an architect just mopved to Al Ain. I just put down a deposit on a new villa and need to furnish it - any ideas of where to get second hand goods eg. cooker, fridge, sofa, dining table. I am not too into the arabesque style furniture...