Fire wrap up

Thank you to everyone for your nice comments of support (and use of the cleaner - I may get back to you about that Jen, thanks) after the fire. Just a quick update and wrap up.

On Friday I ended up having five people come to help (apparently word got around that there was money to be made), so the most of the work (and all of the big stuff) was done in just by early afternoon. Most of the first floor still needs to be painted, and the end of the house that had the fire is now completely empty. I finally got the kitchen cleaned up yesterday and all the laundry rewashed.

Beginning of the week I went to the housing department and they have agreed to let me move, but first I had to get a copy of the police report. So I went out to the Maqam police station and there discovered that despite the fact that there were at least a half-dozen officers present, the police did not file a report on the fire. So I spent about four rather pleasant hours with an investigative sargent practicing my Arabic and helping him practice his English.

Yesterday I went back to housing, but they have put off showing my new places until next week, so it looks like Bss and the kids (who will get here next week) will get to help us move.

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