I'm glad that people seem to be enjoying these posts. Desert Dwellers comment on the last one about the Al Qala/Castle Roundabout, near Al Ahlia Stores gives me an excuse to explain what motived these.

If you never saw the Al Qala (castle in Arabic) roundabout before they tore it down, it was just south of the Al Ahlia stores and one block north of the Diwan. It still has a nice step fountain and in the middle was a large round castle structure that looked a little like a three-level a wedding cake. You can see a similar shaped castle here.

I loved this roundabout, not only because it was a very nice looking one, but also because it was so distinctive and the closest one to our house. We live just west of that roundabout, toward Abu Dhabi. So it was really convienent to tell delivery drivers or visitors how to get there from that roundabout.

I always meant to take some pictures of it, but just never got around to it. One reason is that it is difficult to park near there (at least if you are unwillingly to just park in the right lane of the roundabout, which I am; it doesn't stop a lot of other people from parking there and having conversations with friends though). You know how there are things that you always mean to do, but keep putting off.

Then one day I came home and there was a wooden construction fence around it. I wondered what in the world they were doing. A few weeks went by and the wrecking equipment came and brought the castle down. So now, not only do I not have that great castle to look at (but as DD said, only some palm trees and a couple of AC units), and no pictures of the castle, I have to begin directions with "You know where the Al Qala roundabout used to be?"

So, since Bss and the kids are still not here from Summer vacation, I'm taking some of my time to take pictures of these beauties before those fine, upstanding, hardworking fellows at the municipality tear any more of them down.


Balushi said...

I saw ur avator and by looking at your avator i new that ur blog is as silly if not worse!

Brn said...

Thanks balushi! Silly is a big improvement from what else I have been called lately.

Balushi said...

brn, why r ppl not getting pissed me anymore?

Pls let me know if there is something i cud do to piss u off..... thank u

Brn said...

Well, this is just my theory, but do you know the story of the boy who cried wolf? Just like people stopped taking him seriously for constantly shouting "wolf", people just learn to tune out someone who constantly says outrageous things.

In this particular case, I just don't think that silly is an insult. Plus my avatar is a picture of me that a former co-worker drew on my white board, so you are right it does look silly.

sand in the vaseline said...

I support your cause to highlight the amazing roundabouts of Al Ain (and I hope the whole UAE) wholeheartedly!

Here is a small geature of support:


This might be removed in a while... but I wanted to offer some support.

al buxman said...

Thanks again, Brn, for the roundabout series. As it happens, I moved into Al Ain in April, so I never got to see the Castle roundabout. Since you live near the Diwan, I'm not far from you (Old Munassir) and talking of giving directions, when I explain the route to a deliverywallah, I usually get "Oh, you mean next to Sheikh Khalifah's palace?" so I reply, "That's right, he's my neighbour..."