Al Ain Blogs

As far as I know, when I got here last year I was the only blogger here in Al Ain in English (if I'm wrong, please let me know - I know that Just a Mom was blogging before me, but I came to Al Ain first). But now there are at least five others, including a couple who have just started fairly recently. So I have changed my UAE Blogs links into Al Ain blogs and those not lucky enough to live in Al Ain. Check out the newest links:

The Desert Mirage - Ahmed has been blogging here since April 2006, but I just found it recently. His post on the changes at the Al Ain-Buraimi border crossing has the best information on this important local subject.

C'est la Vie - Elle has been posting in August 2006.

Your Man in Al Ain - He has been posting since August as well.

Also check out the continuing blogs Al Ain Taxi and Am I really this crazy? too.

If you are an Al Ain blogger that I have missed, please let me know so that I can add your blog.


ahmed said...

Thanks Brn for adding me to the blogroll. I have been reading your blog since last year and you have done quite a good job :-)

Brn said...

Thanks ahmed. I am enjoying yours too. Keep up the good work.

just a mom said...

AAAWWWW..... Thanks Brn! It is pretty cool that there are more of us now. I have so enjoyed reading the other Al Ain blogs.


elle said...

Thanks for the Al Ain blog roll, it's great to see our 'small community' growing. I love reading the Al Ain blogs. We all have something in common!

nurse on duty said...

Hi. I am enjoying reading your blogs.