It can be really interesting to see how people come across this blog. This are some of the searches that have led people here the past few days:

"al ain gay"

Other than the fact that I have not been hit on by any gay cab drivers, I have no information on this subject (I swear! - not that there is anything wrong with that), but I'm still the #4 result

"way to Al AIN from dubai"

I don't think that I have ever said, but just head north on E66 and you will get there.

"al ain buraimi border fence"

Google thinks that this blog is the best source of info on this subject. Who am I to disagree?

"Accident in Al Ain"

Despite the fact that I haven't had one of these here (yet), Google also thinks that this blog is the best source of info on this subject.

"desalinization plants dubai"

I'm number one for this one too, but apparently I'm using the wrong word and it should be "desalination", not "desalinization".

"Al Ain"

Obviously this is no surprise, but Google UK does not think that I'm number one on this list, instead it is some upstart new kid on the block (just kidding AAT).

"alain population"

I'm number one here too, even when the search is in the Arabic interface. I also discovered that you can view Google's Arabic translation of my blog here.

"al ain border"

My Web Search clearly doesn't know how to rank things, I'm only number 4 here.

"amazing roundabouts"

OK, I take back everything bad I thought about Google UK a minute ago. The clearly are a discerning and wise search engine, ranking this blog #1 for this search.

""what did the cartoon that made all the muslims mad look like?""

Altavista thinks this is the best place to get this question answered. I don't have the cartoons posted here, so I would say that that is wrong.


I'm only #10 here. Also, the info in the first link is now wrong. There is now very strict border control between Al Ain and Buraimi.

"al ain hospital"

Fittingly, R/A of Al Ain post #7 is the #7 search result with Google.

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