Ramadan Visitors

Our new neighborhood is just a block or so from the Red Crescent Society. For Ramadan they have set up a huge tent where they have a nightly iftar to feed the poor. The other day we were walking past the tent when we noticed behind it the neighborhood had some new visitors:

(The tent says "قاعا بينونة". I know that qa'a is "hall" but I can't find benoona in my dictionary. Any help on what it means?)


Junior Hawk said...


It's Me again, The meaning of Baynuna in Bedwin Arabic "Nab'aty" is Place or Location and it is in the middle of Oman and Bahrain. If you checked on the map you'll probably find more than one place named Baynuna too..... Also like in "Hilton Baynuna" in Abu Dhabi.


elle said...

We've had quite a few camels move in and out of our road. At one time there were about 14 all squashed up into a small enclosure.

About a month ago we had a rather sad looking one tied to a tree across our road. Sadly he became someone's lunch.

Brn said...

Thanks again junior hawk. It being a place name, it makes sense that I couldnt' find it in the dictionary.

elle, I suspsect that that (being eaten) will be the fate of these three too, but I don't know for sure.