This sure sounds like good news:

Gulfnews: Big jump in favourable verdicts for workers

The number of cases with verdicts in favour of workers has risen to unprecedented levels in the past 18 months, a senior official has said.

Essam Eisa Al Humaidan, Dubai Attorney-General, said these cases were a direct result of significant changes within the evolving labour laws and legislations in the UAE.

But I'm just curious, why not tell us exactly how many cases have gotten verdicts in the workers' favor?  How many went against?  What was the number 18 months ago?  Just saying that this is unprecedented doesn't really tell you much. I mean, the workers used to win 1 case out of a 100 and now they are winning 1 out of 95, that would be unprecedented, but it would hardly merit a whole article. I'm not saying that this is the case, but without the raw numbers, I have no way to judge.

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