Al Ain Everyday

One of the things I love about Al Ain is how similar it can be to home (Eastern North Carolina). Even though it is a city of 400,000, it is still much more rural feeling. There are lots of farms in the surrounding areas, and you frequently see people hauling farm animals around town in their pickups (or even their cars). Sure, the animals are different, as there are very few sheep and no camels being hauled around at home. This photo is a pretty typical street scene.

(Al Ain is clearly not for everyone though.)


littejimmy said...

I think I maybe caught Al Ain on a bad day. I'm sure there's more to the place than meets the eye. It's not ALL bad. The greenery and general lack of cranes is a big plus point. I'll give it another go, I'm sure. I wouldn't mind having a drive up that mountain just past it, but the WIFE wasn't keen on the idea.

Brn said...

hi jimmy, thanks for the comment and stopping by.

I actually meant my comment seriously and not as an insult toward you or anyone else, for that matter. Al Ain isn't as exciting as Dubai.

Dhabi Dabbler said...

I will never forget the first time we saw a camel in the back of a Toyota pickup. It looked so settled as if this was what it always did. You can imagine that it was going for an outing - after all the desert is a bit boring after a while, and the underpasses in Al Ain are impressive!