More on GM foods

Dr Ameen Yousuf, food safety consultant at the General Secretariat of Municipalities addressed the bogus survey that Greenpeace conducted and the Gulf News hyped last weekend.

He said that he "could not say whether or not GMOs are dangerous to health as more studies are needed", though as I noted in my last post on this, "No major health hazards have come to light since GM food was introduced 13 years ago, and close to 150 studies are published to attest their safety". Still, at least his comments are much more balanced than the last report. No talk of "contamination" this time, instead urging "scientific research".

I could have done without his comment that "it could be discovered in 20 years that there are serious side effects". Obviously, that is true, more time might show some hidden danger right now. It could also be discovered that reading the Gulf News causes cancer, but there is also no evidence for that proposition either. The only difference is that anyone who went around trying to frighten people on that basis wouldn't be taken seriously.

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