Towayya Park

This is the closest park to our house. It is a fantastic park, with lots of grass and plenty of playground equipment for the kids. A great place to have a picnic, which is what we did this last Saturday.

They have just refurbished the fountain in the middle of the park and it actually runs now.

One of the kids favorite things is the rope suspension bridge, cause it bounces so much. The bridge doesn't actually cross anything, it just sits in the middle of the park.

Minaret from the masjid just outside walls of the park at sunset

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Anonymous said...

Great pics and nice park. Only 1D entry! It seems whenever we go there, we bump into someone we know.

Only thing is that it is difficult to reach that masjid on time. There should be a gate around that side too (there's even a car park in between the masjid and the park).