What is in a name?

Bluey at Dubai Daily Photo posted a photo of a traffic cone with Bin Ladin Group printed on it. I remember the shock I felt when I first saw "Bin Ladin Construction" printed in Dubai. It had to be about the same shock some Muslims feel when Westerners talk in a positive way about "crusades", or that one would feel if you met someone named Hitler.


rosh said...

Respectfully - I think, perhaps the "shock" partly stems from ignorance or lack of knowledge on the Arab world including not knowing, perhaps "Bin Ladin" is as common as a "Timothy" or a "McVeigh" .

A guy with IT help desk at work is called Tim McVeigh - and no I was not "shocked" that he (and other IT help desk professionals) sit two feet from my office.

Marcus Aurelius said...

That would be the same Bin Laden group that sired our good & dear friend Osama bin Laden. Remember, OBL's family is wealthy and influential on the Peninsula and sits on top of a large construction firm.

It just is some realization that Bin Laden is one of 40 some children sired by his father.

Osama is a very common name and I do recall seeing Laden a couple of times as well, but I wouldn't call it common.

rosh said...

So what are you saying Marcus - one bad apple in a basket of 40 - automatically translates to - 39 more BAD APPLES?

If that's not you meant, then my apologies. However, I still fail to feel the - "shock" factor from Brn/Bss.

Marcus Aurelius said...

No Rosh, you miss my point and I accept your apology and offer one for not being more clear.

Seems to me it was made quite clear fairly quickly OBL was one of 40 some chrome grinders sired by his Dad. In fact, one of Osama's nieces is in the States trying to make it as an actress/singer.

The point was educational, Osama comes from a large and influential family. I should have added the family has for the most part disowned the creature.

Brn said...

thanks for the comments both of you.

rosh, I wasn't clear about what I meant by the "shock" of seeing Bin Ladin. It wasn't that I thought that everyone associated with that name must be a terrorist. It was simply seeing a name that had I had only ever seen used one way used in a completely different way.

I agree that familiarity with a name can prevent the shock factor. But I would also bet that your co-worker Tim still gets comments on his name. That doesn't mean that those people think that he is responsible for or agreed with the Oklahoma City bombing.

I suppose that people exist who could meet these people and not immediately associate that name with the other guy.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just ignorance of people from the self-called World Police and their allies. But strangely, they seek opportunities and unashamedly received paychecks in the Arabs' countries, yet saying bad about the people of Arabs.


- waleed

rosh said...

Yes Brn, I see your point now - Tim does get a comment (perhaps not a shock) but a suprised look here and now.