The Mosques of Al Ain - #5

This is bin Hammoudah Mosque/Masjid. I agree with Ahmed, it is the most beautiful one in Al Ain. You can see a beautiful picture of the inside at Mohammed's blog.

This series would be even better if I could take photos from the inside, but as a non-Muslim, that can be difficult. So, on with the pictures:

Minaret Detail

One interesting thing about this one is that the daily prayer times are listed in English and Arabic on the minaret.

That sign says "Drinking Water"


Mohammed UK said...

I still don't get it with the "not allowed" stuff. I think us "western muslims" (is that an oxymoron?) are much more open to showing guests around. Not too long ago, an Arab brought his non-Muslim (Croatian, if memory serves) friend in. He sat quietly at the back watching the prayers and admiring the architecture.

If I see you there, camera in hand, I'll show you around, then take any wrath that's coming. The Imam is a very pleasant chap from Yemen, and I am sure he would not cause a fuss.

It was soooo crowded today for Jumma (Friday prayers), I ended up going to another (also, very beautiful) masjid - on the Towayya road, left onto Hazza bin Sultan and you can see the minarets to the left.

I'll have to get a pic of when the place is packed to the rafters...

Fahed said...

Like Mohammed said, you should ask to see the Imam and request his permission to take some pictures. He should be more than happy.

If you're ever in Sharjah, i'll be more than happy to take you for a tour of our local mosques.

Brn said...

Thanks mohammed and fahed.

I always try to respect others' beliefs, so unless I know that I'm welcome, I just stay out. I know that not all Muslims believe that non-Muslims should not be allowed in a mosque. For example, I've seen that there is at least one is Dubai that has tours and explanations of Islam for non-Muslims. But since I don't know of any mosques like there here, I figure the most respectful path is assume that they don't want me there.

We did see a very beautiful mosque in Sharjah (I think someone told me that it is a Shia mosque) right on the water that specifically has signs telling non-Muslims to stay out.

Mohammed, maybe we can arrange to meet up so that you could show me around? It would be nice to meet you in person after all the comments that we have been exchanging. Thanks for the heads up on the mosque too. I'll try to get up there to include that one.

Fahed, I'd love to take you up on your offer. Drop me an email (briguy_brn@hotmail.com) so that I can let you know the next time I'm headed up that way.