Spot the missing word

See if you can find the one word that the Gulf News edited out of this AP report Six men charged with plotting to attack soldiers by comparing it to the same story (at least for the first four paragraphs) here.


Marcus Aurelius said...

Can you narrow it down please?

Does the missing word begin with an I or an M?

Anonymous said...

or a g as in jihad?

Lisa said...

I say, "I"

live@carrefour said...

Thanks for this one! Great find! A tad like Gulf News always forgetting to mention the nationality of the Emirati drivers who kill pedestrians.

Kochumanavalan said...

Well spotted that. Now spot the missing BRN.

You on vacation, squire?

Or has this post made you a "guest" of the government?

Brn said...

hi everyone,

I was out of the country for a couple of weeks for a conference and to visit family.

The word that I noticed the GN left out was "Islamic". It was interesting to me because they left not only that out but the part about "The description of the suspects as 'Islamic militants' renewed fears in New Jersey's Muslim community."