Jet Lagged

Sorry about the lack of posts; I went to San Jose, California for a library conference and then stopped off in South Carolina for a few days. After 8 flights totaling 19,000 miles, I had the worst case of jet lag that I have ever had. I've been back for about 11 days and I'm just now starting to feel normal.

This was my first trip to California, so it was interesting to see. San Jose has a population of over 900,000; I didn't realized that it had so many. It certainly didn't feel that way while driving around, especially compared to Dubai. Admittedly, the fact that it has an active mass transit system might have something to do with that.

This downtown transit train is actually free to ride:

The other thing that I always notice when I'm back in the US is how green everything is. This view from my hotel door has lots of trees even though it is in the middle of downtown San Jose:

And then this is one of my kin's house in South Carolina:


Joyful Days said...

Those are very green photos compared to your usual. I know BSS is glad you are back. Tell her I stopped by. :) Praises for safe travel.

Al Ain Taxi said...

The last photo is making me salivate. We almost ended up in S Carolina. What a shame we didn't get the job...