Kids and Fireworks

So the government is cracking down on fireworks, classifying them as an explosive and threatening a three year jail term for those possessing them. But the story says that it is kids that are using them. Are they really going to lock up kids for three years for having a firecracker?

Are there even any stats about how many kids in the UAE are killed each year by fireworks? I didn't know that it was a huge problem, but Ali Mussabeh is quoted as saying that the law will "save lives of many children who become victims of firecrackers". The only report in the Gulf News that I can find about anyone being killed by fireworks this year actually occurred when the Ajman Police were trying to destroy some they had confiscated back in April, and those killed were not children.

I hate to think what the police would have thought about what we used to do with fireworks as kids in the US. I think that the stupidest thing we did was once we bought a couple hundred bottle rockets, and divided up into two teams and shot them at each other. Good times.


Anonymous said...

Despite all this, you still hear the firworks in the neighborhood here in Al Ain!!
However, in a recent incident, a kid fell from a balcony while he was playing with firworks. He died, and it was tragic thing to happen. I guess, its better to teach our children how to play safely with fireworks rather than make it a crime!! The same thing can apply to kids playing with bicycles. In the past, municipality used to confiscate the bicycles, and the rationale was to protect the children from accidents!! It would be much better if they provided a safe environment for the kids while they are having fun with their bicycles, instead.

Brn said...

Yeah, I saw the story about that child. That was tragic, but let's be honest, it wasn't the fireworks that caused him to be killed, it was playing on the balcony. It could have been a soccer ball that he was playing with - if it had been, would the police ban soccer balls? Actually, I guess your bicycle example might mean that they would.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brn. I agree, the major culprit was playing in the balcony, not the firework itself.
And that is my point when I said its better to teach our children how to play safely.
I think sales should be legalized, and fireworks sold should go through a standard safety check. Age limit should be enforced, and major fines should be set for selling to minors.
Fireworks are fun, I used to buy them in Canada on Victoria's day and fire them up with my children at the backyard, which has an outlook to a park. I and my kids are missing such days.
However, such ephemeral pleasures should accompanied with a certain amount of responsibility.

Take care