Things I miss and don't miss #2

Things I miss from America:
1. My family. But only two weeks until they get here!
2. Kool Aid
3. Graham Crackers
4. Szechuan Garden

Things I don't miss:
1. Cursing in public
2. Body piercings

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Anonymous said...

what are you fav flav of kool aid and pop tarts?

Brn said...

Tropical Punch Kool Aid and Frosted Cherry Poptarts.

al said...

u can find graham crackers at spinneys or choitrams .. i dunno if they got these stores in Al Ain. If u ever drop by in Dubai. :)

Anonymous said...

What? are you @!%&*$ kidding me? frosted cherry?no @#$!! wonder people curse at you in Publics. Frosted strawberry man, thats the stuff boi. Funny thing is, I really don't recall having overheard alot of profanity in Publics, Wal-mart on the other hand....

Dhabi Dabbler said...

There is a Spinneys in Abu Dhabi too, near the Corniche. Kool aid don't think so but several flavours (British) of Pop tarts. Some of the versions of Pop tarts are in the pork section - don't ask why!

Buck Lava said...

Kool-aid and graham crackers?? Oh man, you must be from the dirty south, hah ;)

Just kidding, as an Emirati I know too well what it's like to not have certain "comfort" foods. I go nuts here in NYC when I don't have my mezze or machboos. Give it some time, I'm sure with a little patience you will find a whole new list of comfort foods in the emirates!

Enjoy your stay in the UAE, and I hope your life isn't too upside-down by the end of it!

Regarding profanity, most Arabs take cursing between friends as light jests. Bring someone's mother into it (ie "son of a bitch, kus ummak"), now that's a different story. The burden of honor in a family is carried by women, and if you insult an Arab's mother/sister, you insult his family's integrity.

Of course, that's not to say that this isn't changing, and many people no longer take much offense to maternal-based curses. Your best bet is to spout a flurry of insults at your opponent until one of them sticks ;)