Concern for the Civilians

It seems to me that it is impossible to reconcile the condemnation of Israel for killing civilians that you hear here and this story in 7 Days about support for Hezbollah, especially the calls like these for the bombing of Tel Aviv:

* "Some of the young London marchers chanted slogans urging Nasrallah to target Tel Aviv with his missiles..."

* "In Morocco, they shouted 'Well-loved Nasrallah, destroy Tel Aviv!'"

* "Protestors in the capital of Austria, which is home to about 400,000 Muslims, chanted 'Nasrallah, please, bombard Tel Aviv!'"

It seems pretty clear that these protesters (not all Muslims) do not care about civilians in general, but only Muslim civilians. That is clearly their right. However, it takes a special kind of guts to complain that the Israelis do not care about non-Israeli civilians while having that attitude at the same time.

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