Zayed Library

OK, in response to the requests, here is the run down on Zayed Library:

Zayed Central Library (مكتبة زايد المركزي in Arabic). This is the main branch of the Libraries Deanship of UAE University. There are five other branches. The administrative offices for the libraries as well as the technical services (cataloging, systems, etc) are located here. The library is open to the public, but there are boys and girls hours, so you need to be aware of when your gender is allowed to be there (actually, it seems like women can come whenever they want, but I do not know that that is actual policy). The hours are posted here. (You will have to look at the very bottom to find the hours now. I'll fix that tomorrow.) The library is free to use for any faculty, staff, and students. Non-University personnel can obtain a card for a 1000 dirham deposit that will grant them limited privledges (I know, that is pretty expensive - Thanks to Dessert Dweller for looking this up).

From WikiMap, here is a close up of the area. The library is kitty-corner across the Zayed Library Roundabout from the Islamic Institute (main boys campus and admin offices of UAE Univeristy). You can see the whole page here.


Desert Dweller said...

Wow...1000dhs deposit! That's a bit steep. I suppose they don't really want to encourage community users.

Brn said...

Thanks for looking this up. I have updated the post to reflect what you found out.

Arabized said...

there once, a long time ago, a starbucks at the library.