Roundabouts of Al Ain #3

This is the Al Ain Hospital Roundabout, near, believe it or not, the Al Ain Hospital (or the Jimi Hospital as most people seem to call it).  I only have just a couple of photos of it.  You can see that is has the typical palm trees, but it also atypically has several non-palms, and beautiful lush grass.

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I have absolutely no idea what exactly this building (or "bux", as al buxman's Filipino friend calls it) is supposed to be, and I really didn't get close enough to see what exactly is inside.
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Ananya said...

Hi...I was born and brought up in this city and lived inside jimi hospital campus staff quarters for 16 years of my life!the round a bout which u have picturised just stirred a lot of memories! The central "bux" as ur firend refers to...was a glass house where they had stuffed it with so much of plants when i was small...dont know y they took it off now! it was like a green house!:)

Anonymous said...

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