Roundabouts of Al Ain #2

I think that is is the roundabout that nzm was commenting on in the last roundabout post.  It doesn't have a name that I can tell, but it is at the intersection Jam'ia and Hazzaa Bin Sultan Streets, very near the entrance to the Maqam Campus (which is the girls campus) of the UAE University.

It does look like a glass house on a pedestal.


With a dead forest in it.

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A little closer, it looks better, but the glass is so dirty, it is difficult to tell.  I had never noticed before that there is a ladder going up to the glass house area and then within that up to the look out thing on top.

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Without climbing the ladder, this is the closest that I could get to the plants.  I can't tell if they are alive or fake.

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The fountain sort of gets overwhelmed, but it is there.

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There is also what looks like a sprinkler from above, but I have never seen it working.

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One last thing:  I really like the landscaping on this one, especially the balance of the rocks and the grass.  The assymetrical border is a nice touch too.

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just a mom said...

Ha ha ha!!! The first night I was here, I thought that was a piano up there in the enclosure (you know, jet lag and all). Now, we call this the Liberace round about because of my imaginary piano....

I think those plants are fake.

Arabized said...

yea its so strange, i always pass it :/

nzm said...

That's the one!

Looks like a cross between a glasshouse and a control tower!

al buxman said...

I feel like taking my kids up there to climb the ladder. Some kind of Enid Blyton style adventure.

The other one you mentioned (earlier), near the Al Ain Hospital, my Filipino friend calls 'the bux'....as in "turn right at the bux..."