Roundabouts of Al Ain #9

Zoo Roundabout

The Zoo Roundabout is just outside the entrance to the Al Ain Zoo. It is a huge roundabout, so it is hard to see details in this picture.

It has statues of animals (giraffes, zebras, deer) scattered around the landscaping.

The level of detail of the animals is pretty impressive. For example, check out the mane of this zebra, which no one is ever going to see from the road.

Not that it has anything to do with the roundabout itself, but something that I noticed that I want to point out: did you notice in the second photo that one of the posts in the r/a was knocked over? I didn't when I was taking it, but as I was walking away, I did.

Then as I got further away, I noticed the tire tracks in the grass and the skid marks leading up to it.

I couldn't figure out how someone had driven up there, since it didn't line up with the road leading into the roundabout, so I walked back further to see:

I have no idea what the guy (I'm guessing that it was a guy) was thinking here, but he apparently didn't notice the roundabout upcoming and didn't even hit his brakes until he was just a couple of feet from the curb. I'm betting that this was a pretty exciting ride, ending with a pretty close view of the zebra.


al buxman said...

Close encounters of the jungle kind. Somebody obviously took a (presumably unintented) safari...

Keep up the good work.

al buxman said...

Sorry, meant unintended.

elle said...

Your R/A series is great. I'm getting to see things I miss every day! (I'm far too busy watching the traffict while I'm driving) You're photography is taking you where not many of us get to go. Thanks for letting us join the ride!

MJ said...

I live there! I live there!

... not in the roundabout abviously, but nearby. lol.

Great series btw.

Arabized said...

hahah the zoo is so ghetto. :/