Roundabouts of Al Ain #14

So far as I know, this roundabout doesn't have a name, but it is on Baladiya Street in the southern part of town. I believe that this is one of the more beautiful roundabouts in town. The grass is lush, the landscaping very well done.

There are waterfalls on both the east and west sides. The one on the east side falls into a pool, and there is a walk way that runs right in front of it, complete with a small wooden bridge. I can't imagine that anyone every goes up there except for the maintainence people. This is really a shame, since when I went up there to take these photos, it was amazingly peaceful and quiet.

The waterfall on the west side is if anything even better. The mist that rises from the falls is an especially nice touch.


al buxman said...

Well, BRN, now you're right next to my house.

"I can't imagine that anyone ever goes up there except for the maintainence people."

Al Buxman's been up there with his kid. The walkway goes round and steps lead up to the top of the "rock". Up on the top is a cave, inside which is housed the electrical equipment. The "mist", as you call it, I think is steam, so the water must be really heated somewhere (unless there's some other way of doing it). Anywayz...that prompts me to call it the "hot springs roundabout".

The steam rising looks really good at night and the view of Jebel Hafeet from that location is unbeatable. Especially at night, when one sees the bejewelled "stairway to heaven" rising into the sky...

al buxman said...

Note: the cave is visible in the last photograph (no. 4). Do you see it?

Matt MacLean said...

Isn't that the Jebel Roundabout (the one by Choithram's, Pizza Hut, and ADNOC)? Or is there another Jebel in another Roundabout, like there are two roundabouts with coffee pots? In any case, there's only one "Jebel Roundabout" that the cab drivers know, just as there's only one real "Coffee pot roundabout"?

Mohammed UK said...

It's not the Jebel r/a Matt.

I wish they had these features in the parks here as well. At least it would be more practical for a sit/read/picnic.

My least favourite r/a is the one the size of a small planet on Hazza Road heading towards Mubazzarah.

Great pictures, btw!

Mohammed UK said...

Do you fancy shooting the "work in progress" at what I believe used to be Dawwar Safeenah (because there was a boat on it). It's the one north of Qala where the new Moroccan-style masjid is?

But, then could I request some shots of the mosque, too?? Start of the new "Mosques of Al Ain" series??

Brn said...


Mohammed is right, "the" Jebel Roundabout (in that it has an official green sign that says "Jebel Roundabout") is on the corner of Khalifa and Baladiya Streets. I posted about it here.

There is actually another "jebel" roundabout near Maqam as well that I'll post about eventuallly.


Thanks for the compliment. I'm sorry that I never got to see the boat in that roundabout. I drive round that one about twice a month or so, and the work seems to be progressing slowly on whatever it is they are doing there.

I was actually thinking that a series of the mosques would be a great followup to this series when I finish it. There are some really spectacular mosques in town; that one that you mentioned would definately be included.