Roundabouts of Al Ain #15

The "Other" Coffee Pot Roundabout

This is the first roundabout you encounter if you are coming from Dubai (or any of the northern emirates) or the last one before you hit the highway.

Unlike the Murabbaa Roundabout, It actually has more than just a coffee pot, though being in the middle and the biggest, that is what stands out the most.

There is also an incense burner

and (if I understood correctly when this was explained to me - please, correct any of my misunderstandings) a perfume dispenser. Apparently when these were used, they had a few small holes in the top and then perfume or rose water would be shaken out, especially at weddings and other important events.

While it is pretty much impossible to see while driving around it, the brickwork around the statuary has the familar eight pointed stars.

The landscaping is very beautiful too, with the only cactuses (cacti?) that I have seen outdoors here,

and the more common colorful flowers and lush grass.


Mohammed UK said...

Point of order!
Isn't this one in Al Foah (previously known as Owha?), which is outside Al Ain, perchance?

At this R/A facing towards Al Ain, a right-turn takes you along what I can only describe as the Al Ain Bypass. The desert landscape is wonderful on the right. The locals can be caught sitting around a camp fire of an evening, falcon-training, quad-riding and 4x4-ing around here. Have you seen the super-loud pink house (we call it the Barbie House, or more correctly Barbie Mansion) a few r/a's along?

PS - also blogging from Al Ain. However, sad to say poor Al Ain hardly gets a mention.

elle said...

My daughter just loves that pink house. 'It's so pretty Mummy can we stay in one?'....I think not!

Brn said...


I suppose that I could fall back on the defense that I'm using Al Ain in the sense of the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi. I really didn't know that Al Foah is a separate town and not just another region like Al Khabisi or Zakher.

I actually use the "Al Ain Bypass" when I'm going to or from Dubai or just if we feel like going out to the see the desert. You can also see camels just walking around loose.

I used to joke with the family that the university first offered us the pink house but that I held out for the one that we were in.