Early Photos

It seems hard to believe that I have now finished half of my three year contract. Sometimes it still feels like I just got here. I was looking for something else and came across some photos that I took my first couple of weeks here. Looking at them is sort of like seeing Al Ain through the eyes of a newcomer. It is interesting to see what I took pictures of, and what I didn't. But since I never posted any of these (that I can remember) I'm going to put a few up.

Here is one of the very first photos that I took. It is the view from my hotel room.


Anonymous said...

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sherilou said...

Are you still in awe when you see the views like that? Or is it common to you now? Does the desert air smell different to you still or are you accustomed to that and the climate? Funny how we change. I remember all the NEWNESS of being in a new country. It never really wore off for me the time I was there. I just wondered if it does. Time flies huh? Not really, for those of us that miss you here in the States.

kochumanavalan said...

When I moved to Al Ain 9 months ago, the night-time view of the "golden necklace" up to Jebel Hafeet was singularly fascinating.

(My daughter call it the Stairway to Heaven.)

I hardly notice it now.

Brn said...

Hey Sheri,

I think that I agree with kochumanavalan, I rarely notice these things anymore, which is sad, but human nature I'm sure. I think that is why some of these photos struck me so much. I would never take some of these pictures now, since they are just everyday sights now. We all miss you too, especially at this time of year. Love you sis.


About the only time that I really take note of the lights on Hafeet now are when we are driving back from Abu Dhabi at night and really only then to note that we are almost home.

Anonymous said...

I have nearly the same picture except at night.

I remember it. It too was taken in my first week in Al-Back back in 09/92. I was in my room (don't recall if it was after sometime on the first floor ;-) ) and I hit the mini-bar in the room. Cigars & brandy, set up my new tripod and mounted my Minolta to it.

I then snapped the shot. IIRC I posted a link to it sometime ago. I have it on my blog.