Expensive Movies

We usually go to a movie every other month of so, whenever a new kids movie that looks worth while comes out. But with the new price increases, I'm betting that we will not see more than one or two movies this year.

The real problem with the theater is that they charge the same for our two littlest ones, at four and five, as they do for adults, and the don't have any discount for matinee shows. So with the price going from 25 dirhams to 35 per ticket, that means it is now 210 dirhams to see a movie. For that we can buy two 80 dirham new releases and have another fifty dirhams to spare.


secretdubai said...

I can't understand it either, when many cinema theatres are nearly empty for a lot of afternoon weekday showings.

Fair enough to charge the same at peak times - 1 child=1 chair. But I've watched films before when there are only one or two other groups of people in the entire audience - it's one big, empty, unsold room. If they did special family discounts, they would sell loads of tickets - plus the popcorn/drinks/sweets that the children would presumably beg their parents for!

I also think they should encourage special family sessions so people don't bring infants into adult films at night. No wonder they cry, the noise of the average action film or thriller must terrify them. It does me - I only watch romantic comedies, cartoons and the occasional sci-fi film ;)

Anonymous said...

35 dirhams!!! that's crazy.
I thought it was over priced already so were popcorn and nachos.

Anonymous said...

Prices have gone up in most bigger cities in the US like Atlanta, $9.50 Adults but its $7 for afternoon shows,seniors and student.