Spot the Instalanche

So, last night I got linked to by the Instapundit. When this happens, an Instalanche occurs. See if you can spot the Instalanche in last nights stats. It is a little tricky, so take your time:

Before the link:



Marcus Aurelius said...

Congrats on the link by the Instapundit.

How much traffic did you get the next day?

The best I ever did was tracking-back to news busters when they were linked by Drudge around The Fitzmas That Wasn't. IIRC I had a touch over 500 visits that day. It is my high-water mark. I average around 50 or so a day.

Brn said...

The next day, I got about 625 hits, so over 1,000 within 24 hours. I have been averaging 65 on an average day.

Anonymous said...

i saw that google earth is using your images and links to your site. That must help as well.