To 'O', on your 4th Birthday

Today is your 4th birthday, little O! It snowed the day you were born. You caused my blood pressure to soar while I was pregnant with you, and you have managed to continue to do so every day since your father and I first laid eyes on you. (wink) We love you so much and are incredibly blessed to have you!

God has used the blessing of who you are to change who I am. I have not always been a patient mother. Born practically on the heels of your brother, your arrival brought us another baby to cuddle, love, and bounce on our knees. However, 16 month old P wasn't ready to allow another small creature to take his place as 'the baby.' I spent many a night praying for strength and patience to give you both what you needed, both physically and emotionally, while nurturing your older siblings as well. God heard and answered my prayers. I can't tell you how many times people have commented on the amount of patience I possess. Thank you for helping to change my character, molding me into a better person.

You have taught me that not all boys are made of 'snakes, snails and puppy dog's tails.' I am convinced that you, my dear, are made of rubber! Whenever you fall, you bounce right back up and keep going. It takes a LOT to bring you running with tears in your eyes. I admire your ability to brush off the dust and keep going, never losing focus of where you are going or what you are trying to achieve.

When you get an idea in your head, it's nearly impossible to change your mind. This characteristic has made living with you quite difficult at times. With God's help and proper training, this very same characteristic will help you to succeed. In the process of disciplining you, your father has said, on numerous occasions, that he 'admires the strength of your convictions.'

Your cheerful 'Good Morning, Mom!' brings a smile to my lips nearly every day. The other days, we aim for a good afternoon instead.

You find joy in the smallest things. Your laughter is infectuous. Just hearing your belly laugh sends the rest of us into fits of laughter. Upon hearing the sputtering sound of an almost empty ketchup bottle, you have fallen out of your chair laughing uncontrollably while begging to hear it again and again. You express your happiness so openly, freely, and loudly! lol

You love cuddling with soft blankets and generously sharing kisses with me. I treasure those quiet moments with you more than ever now that you are growing bigger.

You would be the happiest little boy on the planet if you never had to wear pants again. Your comfort is very important to you, and is defined by wearing only a shirt and underpants.

You have proven that children can grow and stay healthy by eating a diet consisting mostly of granola bars and Rice Krispies.

You surprise me with your creative expressions, or 'colorful metaphors,' as Mr. Spock would say. "Quack!" and "Fwam!" fly off of your tongue when you voice your frustrations.

Your favorite color is red. Every picture must be colored red. Your shirt of choice is red. Your preferred socks are red. Red Ranger is your hero. (You introduce yourself as 'Red Ranger') Just for the record....when I was small, my favorite color was red, too.

You are very set in your ways, very much like an old man. You like for your booster chair to be aligned perfectly with the table at mealtime. Your juice sits on the #5 space on your numbers placemat. The required black handled spoon must be placed on the left hand side of your plate, with the head of the spoon resting on the #1. Only then can you relax enough to think about eating. Woe to the table setter who absent-mindedly forgets these little quirks of yours. There's nothing wrong with having preferences, but one needs to express his desires in a polite manner. We are making progress in this area!

Despite what your father says, I have come to the conclusion that our cats are, in fact, good and tolerant animals. They merely turn the other cheek while you dish out your abuse, which usually consists of getting right in their faces and yelling "MEOW!" at the top of your lungs. I suspect they take out their aggressions by knocking over my houseplants and trying to trip me while going down the stairs. At least they are gentle with you!

I giggle while watching you walk around in circles, saying the same thought over and over, but phrasing it differently each time. I never would have thought of 20 different ways of saying, 'I like this red robot bug.' Is it the intense focus on words that keeps you from tripping dizzily over your own feet?

Your latest claim to fame in our family is learning how to use the computer. In the past, you were content to sit on the arm of the computer chair, absorbing all that you saw. Now, you have taken the first step toward computer literacy by learning to control the mouse. You enjoy playing a wide variety of computer games, as well as messing up the games of others. For future reference......when someone has minimized their work on the screen, they are planning to return to complete it. You should not, therefore, maximize and delete it. Your father and older siblings spend hours creating and developing gaming strategies, or earning Neopoints....and they don't appreciate your willingness to 'help.' (I think it's cute.)

You and your brother, P, are best buddies 95% of the time. You both are very blessed to have each other to talk to, to play with, and to grow up together. D and B are there for you, too, of course. But P is teaching you what it is like to have a best friend.

Happy Birthday, O! May God bless you each and every day as you learn and grow in His love. We thank God for the miracle of YOU!

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DebD said...

Happy Birthday to your little cutie.

Debbi (from The HS Library)