Who you calling "naive"?

I'm glad that the police caught this man who was robbing people. But I'm unclear as to why exactly they were "naive" to believe that this man was a policeman.

It seems like there was a case (maybe you remember it) just recently when an expat was told by actual not-in-uniform police officers that they didn't need to show any identification.

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Anonymous said...

When I was living in Al-Ain one fellow was using his police credentials (along with others, the police officer & his sidekick ended up getting capped in public; I saw it) to kidnap, rob, and murder money changers on the way to the bank.

IIRC the official story was they did this to two people, but rumor had it they did more like a dozen-1/2 times around Al-Ain & in Dubai. One of my friends from St. Mary's was questioned in the matter.