Advertising & Fashion

I'm sure that there is some good reason, but I have never understood the fashion industry. Every time I have ever seen video of a fashion show (admittedly, this isn't all that many), the clothes look so ugly that you have to think that they were deliberately designed to be unattractive. Then the models are so thin that they look so unlike normal women. But the weirdest thing of all to me is always the expression on their faces. They all seem to have one of two expressions: stoned or bored. Wouldn't you want people wearing your clothes to look happy?

So, take these ads for fashion sunglasses that are currently on the door to Al Jimi Mall:

These models look to be in terrible pain (right), catatonic (middle), and dead (left). Why exactly would this make me want to buy these?


Anonymous said...

It looks sexy and very alluring. The models do look aloof though. When I come across someone who is aloof, I want to break down their barriers they have built around them.


Al Ain Taxi said...

Didn't you know it's sexy to look dead these days?

kochumanavalan said...

Aloof is putting it mildly. Most models at fashion shows consciously wear a look of absolute disdain or utter contempt (for everything around them, I guess). Apart from the unnatural gait. Try walking that way on the street...even the Gestapo would have a hard time marching like that. Well, well. To each his own.