K9 Friends Evicted

I first thought when I read that K9 Friends is being evicted was how horrible this is. What is going to happen to all these poor dogs. The people involved with this group do a great job protecting these strays, and I'm sure that they are just sick with worry.

But then there are much more important problems than what will happen to these dogs. Unlike what happened last year, no dog food company is likely to come forward to save these people from being evicted.

Is it moral to be taking time and resources to save dogs when people are facing losing their homes? I have to say no. But I also have to honestly say that when I read yesterday's story about workers being evicted, I wasn't moved to try to do anything. When I read about the dogs, I wondered what could I do to help. And I wish that that wasn't true.

Sam makes a good comment that reminds me of another story like this. Several years ago in California, a jogger was killed by a mountain lion. The wildlife department captured the lion and killed it. Both the lion and the jogger were mothers and left children. Two groups started fundraising campaigns for the orphans. The one for the lion cubs raised more than the one for the human children.

Also, the Gulf News reports that "Organisers of embattled dog welfare group K9 Friends say they have been 'overwhelmed' with offers of support". Still no word on the overwhelming support for evicted laborers.

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samuraisam said...

There was a mad magazine comic strip from way back when that describes the morality of this issue greatly.

I'll try my best to describe it;
A wealthy-looking woman is walking down the street. First she passes a homeless person who is asking for a donation and she keeps walking, then she comes to a blind person holding out a tin for donations, she keeps walking. Finally she see's a person accepting donations for animals (the comic had greatly emphasised cuteness of the homeless dogs) and she paid up.
I'll try to find a scan of the script, I have no doubt it'd make a lot more sense