The Mosques of Al Ain - #15

This one is on Baladiya Street between the Baladiay (Bird) and Sheikh Mubarak (Incense Burner) Roundabouts. It is not new and is beginning to show its age, but still has a lot of beautiful features.

One of the lanterns hanging above the front doors

Lining of the U-shaped features above the doors

Detail on the doors


kochumanavalan said...

I really don't know how you've managed to go around all these mosques taking pictures, but you've certainly done a good job.

Small correction: 'Baladiya' means Municipality. Hence Baladiya Street and Baladiya Roundabout would translate Municipality Street and Municipality Roundabout. As you may have guessed by now, the proximity of the Al Ain Municipality Building may have something to do with it--and the birds, nothing at all.

If my Arabic serves me right, the word for bird is 'osfoor'.

kochumanavalan said...

Hi, just re-read your post and realised my so-called "correction" was uncalled for. (Evidently your parentheses were intended to add descriptive detail.)

Brn said...

Thanks kochumanavalan, I'm glad that you are enjoying them.

You are right, since many people don't know the roundabouts by their proper names, I was just putting those descriptions in and not trying to translate the Arabic. But thanks for adding your explanation, since not everyone who will read this would have known what Baladiya means.