Al Ain Maps - Google Earth File

Trying to find a decent map of Al Ain when we moved here a couple of years ago was an absolute pain. So here is what I have learned since then.

I bought a copy of this one, but it has almost no details. The last time that I was there, copies of it were available at the Hilton gift shop, and I just saw some today at the book store at Al Jimi Mall. The Abu Dhabi Explorer has a map of Al Ain in the back of it as well. It is more detailed than the Geoprojects map, butagain, it is pretty general.

If you can get a copy of this book that was published by the Al Ain Municipality, it is very detailed, listing every street in the city.

We have ten copies at the university libraries, four at Zayed Central Library. Here is a small section of one of the pages:

There is wikimapia, but in my experience it is filled with "My House" type marking, so it seems to be of limited utility.

Map24 has a pretty detailed map of all the UAE. It lists a lot of the major buildings in town and is searchable.

I have started making a Google Earth file that shows some of the things here. You can download it here. If you have anything that you think should be added to this file, just send me the info and I'll be sure to update it.

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