Dubai - Al Ain commuting

On some discussion boards, I've seen some people inquire about living in Al Ain while working in Dubai. This has always seemed like a bad idea to me, but if the average commute time in Dubai is almost two hours, with some of those living in Sharjah suffering through almost three hours, I wonder if I wrong about this.

Now, I don't know how rent here is compared to Sharjah and Dubai (because I'm very lucky in that the university pays for our rent), so if it is more here than in Sharjah, that would make a difference.

But time-wise, I'm fairly certain that you can get to Al Ain in less than two hours from pretty much anywhere in Dubai. I know that we once left the area of Dubai where the Oasis Mall used to be (I forget what that area is called) on a weekday evening about 6:00 pm, when traffic toward Sharjah was bumper-to-bumper and not really moving on Sheikh Zayed Road, and we still made it back home in less than two hours, and without the stop-and-go traffic and its concomitant frustrations.

I should also note that I don't even drive at the 120 kph speed limit on the Dubai-Al Ain road. Also, this is all pre-Salik, so that could affect things too.


Alexander said...

Northern Sharjah to Satwa, Dubai. 60 minutes per day.

And no, I'm not telling anyone how I do it... >;0)

nick said...

Dubai bypass road or Academic city road from Khawaneej, joining Al Ain road at the Emirates road interchange! Bingo.

But, Brn, tell us - what does a 3 Bedroom villa in AL Ain cost, per year?

Brn said...

I saw an ad today at Abela for a 6 bedroom villa for 95,000.

nick said...

95K for a...ROFL*hysterically*

Nah. even so, commuting would be too tiresome.

kochumanavalan said...

Indeed? say the hundreds who do it daily, raising one eyebrow quizzically.

(Some for over ten years.)

Interested in more accurate figures? Here's a way.

Position oneself at Al Foah, at the start of the highway leading to Dubai, between 6:30 am and 8:00 am every weekday morning (presuming one has nothing much better to do), and note the number of Dubai-registered cars that one will soon observe pass purposefully that way at exactly the same time every morning. While doing so, one will also realise quite a few Abu Dhabi registered cars do the same thing.

One of the forms of entertainment on such drives is to switch on the radio and listen with amusement to the traffic reports from the various roads of Dubai, especially the ones leading to and from Sharjah.

Mohammed said...

So is it 2 hours each way from al-Ain or what?

These days, with the traffic at a relative ease because of people taking the summer off, it takes me about 2.5 hours in total. Post-summer it was 3.X (X being a very volatile variable). I'm currently negotiating a 4-day remote work agreement with my organization. My immediate boss gave-in (not without concessions on my part) but I still have to meet with the CEO to see how this arrangement will effect the organization as a whole!! If everything goes well, I could be working from home 4-days a week. Wish me luck!

Amit said...

Hey can anyone suggest how can I find some property to rent on Dubai Al Ain road.

Any real estate or any website that i can look up?

Sultan Munir said...


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