A Bit of Unpleasantness

I always wonder two things when reading stories like these at the Gulf News:

First, I hope that the Gulf News has some sort of macro set up to enter the sentence "He will be deported after serving his term." with only one or two key strokes. Because that would really cut down on carpal tunnel syndrome, I would think.

The other thing these stories do is make me try to imagine the person whose first reaction upon being release isn't a strong desire to get on the plane out of here. For some reason I imagine some British colonel with a huge mustache and mutton chop sideburns leaving the prison where he has just spent four years for possessing 0.06 grams of marijuana saying "Well, that was a bit of unpleasantness, what? Now, where is this bloody indoor ski slope that I've heard so much about?"


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Brn said...

Wow, thanks - @ -. This has got to be the he highest compliment in the blogging world, the generic comment from a spambot.