You do realize that this is a comic book, right?

I'm always intrigued by what American news the Gulf News considers worth publishing. Clearly they have limited space for international stories. Given that, you might think that they would pick the four or five most important stories of the day. Instead it usually one or two hard news stories and then three or so "infotainment" or unimportant stories.

But today's story about the "funeral" of Captain America may take the cake. Why is this news? Other than comic books fans, who cares about this? You could argue that the "death" of Captain America was news, I suppose, in the sense that it was unexpected. But after a death, isn't a funeral pretty much a given?

Also, almost everything about the article makes it seems as if this is a real event. Take the headline "Captain America laid to rest at rainsoaked Arlington Cemetery". Shouldn't this be "Comic book depicts Captain America being buried"? The story reads like an advertisement for the comic book, which isn't even available yet.

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