Shocking News: Absconder Retain Their Own Property!

Says Saturday's Gulf News:
People's rights in the UAE are well protected...
According to the law... [a] passport is considered personal property and no individual or company can keep [someone else's] passport...

Says Sunday's Gulf News:
... there are many illegal workers who managed to retain their passports after absconding ...

If one's passport is one's personal property, why exactly is it remarkable that these workers were able to retain them when they absconded? Isn't this like reporting that they were able to retain their shoes or their clothes? (Wait, since this the only personal property that the paper reports them being able to retain, maybe they just absconded without any clothes. Maybe they are all from this labor camp.) Surely the Gulf News would not mislead us about how well protected the rights of workers are here?

(I should note that the article from Saturday is not [or at least not labeled as such] an opinion piece - it was in the national news section. So everything in it must be a fact, right?)

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