I Hope We Can Find a Parking Place

This is one of my favorite things about Ramadan: The parking lot at Carrefour just before Iftar:

It is about the only time that there is not a crowd there. I know that it is shallow (and not what the true spirit of Ramadan is about), but I look forward to this month when I get my grocery shopping over with quickly and peacefully.

Another thing I love is how still and quiet the town gets right at sunset. This is Shakboot ibn Sultan Street, one of the busier streets in town, just after sunset the other day:


Humairah Irfan said...

I don't have your email..
but can you please pleaseeeeee get some night time shots of Masjid Hammooda? The big Morroccan-style mosque.
My camera's quite awful, and I haven't been able to find night time pics of it online...
I'd appreciate it!
Thanks :)

rosh said...

Oh I know I know.....UAE is so peaceful for the most part of the day during Ramadan - ah the memories of driving back to SHJ from DXB after work, no traffic, so peaceful, wide beautiful oads, just bliss ................ homesick now :(

kochumanavalan said...

Now that you've posted this, BRN, you really ought to show pics of Al Falah Plaza's parking lot. Won't those Dubai folks be jealous!

i*maginate said...

Haven't yet seen AA @ sunset but AD city is a ghost town on the roads at sunset!