It's a First!

A Linda Heard column that I agree with! At least the basic point, that the US Senate has no right to decide the future of Iraq (or any other country) in this way. I think that she is wrong on some of the minor points - e.g. I think that Iran would be the biggest winner from a partition of Iraq, not Israel. Also, the sentence "Either Joe Biden is clueless or..." should just be "Joe Biden is clueless", but that is a minor stylistic point.

I especially enjoyed her "suggestion for the Arab world... [to] vote on the break-up of America", since such a vote would be completely worthless and pointless, pretty much like this Senate resolution. But if people want to do such things, more power to them.


kochumanavalan said...

Very objective writer, isn't she--I think she knows that herself!

Brn said...

I actually like strong opinions clearly expressed, so her columns are always interesting, even if I think that she is frequently wrong.