No! What are you people thinking?

Why in the world would you want to take one of the few relatively undeveloped and beautiful places in Al Ain and put touristy junk up there? Why ruin the spectacular views? The things that these people are suggesting would only restrict the view and create more trash atop the mountain. Please, please leave the top of Jabal Hafeet alone.


kochumanavalan said...

Fifteen years ago it didn't have the Mercure Grand either...just the road going up, and not a blade of grass.

In those days people came up just for the view alone, or the thrill of being at the highest point in the UAE.

(It was a bit dangerous as well, as there was no fence and one could easily fall off the edge...all the way down to the plain below!)

I still don't understand the rationale of having a hotel up there.

Anonymous said...


I live in Zakher, just few kilometers from Jebel Hafeet. The municipality made lots of efforts to improve the area at the bottom of the mountain (called Mbazrah).

The Jebel Hafeet road itself, is considered among the best 100 roads in the world, according to Top Gear website. Regarding the top of the mountain, I really don't know what they should do about it.

I wish if they give the chance for Alain's people to say their opinion before they make any decison about it.

I think a science centre up there will be a good idea, or at least an astronomy educational centre, like the one in Montreal, the "Planetarium".


Brn said...

hi saif & kochumanavalan,

about the hotel, I kinda agree, it seems a little pointless to be up there. I've been up there a few times for conferences and it never seems busy enough to support being open.

I agree, the Green Mubazarah park is very nice. I think that a science museum or the like would be great in that particular area. I suppose that it really isn't any of my business what they do, but if anything I think that there is too much stuff up there now.

Someone in Al Ain said...

I agree with you Brn,

THe thing is they dont understand what these devolopment can cuse to the environment or the nature it self.

what's over there is only good .

there is no need to make it such a bid deal.

Jabal hafeet is a mounatin and that's mean it is a from the nature. so i would be very happy to leave as it is.

secretdubai said...

It isn't undeveloped at all: it's developed, and very poorly. At the top of Jebel Hafeet is an extremely nasty, greasy junk food restaurant/cafe with white plastic chairs etc. Outside there is a huge car park covered with burnt rubber tyre marks. There are no nice picnic facilities, no telescopes or viewpoint guides.

Putting a garden up there is a lovely idea, but not necessary. It just needs a bit more thought for visitors other than boy racers on a diet of junk. A nice Arabic cafe restaurant - such as an Automatic - would be perfect. Pave some areas around the car park and put wooden picnic tables on. Put some of those viewpoint guides on so people can see what direction Mecca/London/Sydney/north/south etc is and how far. Perhaps a few coin operated telescopes (the money could always go to a local charity).

There are so many beautifully landscaped and well planned places in Al Ain and throughout the UAE that Jebel Hafeet really sticks out as a failure. A car park and a junk food cafe? Come on, that is hardly the best showcase of Arabian culture on what is the most spectacular place in the entire UAE.

It's because those of us that have visited Jebel Hafeet care so much about it that we criticise.

Anonymous said...

Don't you understand that the secret objective of the UAE is to cover everything with concrete?
In a few decade this country will be one giant parking surrounding thousands of shopping mall and amusement park.