One of the worst illusions in life is the feeling that you have plenty of time to do things later. When Bss and the kids were here, we used to occasionally drive past a park near the Hilton that looked like it would be fun. There were always large numbers of families out enjoying themselves. I always meant to go there with the kids. But now, even if they were here, we couldn't, as the park is being developed into something else.

I have seen these big plywood walls to hide construction in Dubai, but never here in Al Ain. If you consider that Al Ain is being surveyed for high-rises as well, it really does mark the end of an era here.

Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely in favor of land owners being allowed to use their property any way they want. But it will be sad if Al Ain just becomes a smaller Dubai or Abu Dhabi, chasing after a dream and forgetting the good that it has now.

I guess that we have more vistas like this to look forward to.


Cairogal said...

WHat a shame...we're returning to the UAE this year, and have been considering Al Ain. The main reason is the climate, slower pace of life, and less high-rises!

Naif said...

I really hate this type of changing that they are trying to do in Al Ain.
But at least they are doing some good stuff here and there. The new Al Jahli park is a great place to visit and they did a really good job in rebuilding it.